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These are some of our featured major E-Books.   For others, see our shorter works and dvaita.org/stotra.

[Devanâgarî]   Current version 2.13, last updated July 21, 2007; ISBN 0-615-11362-1; 2575 KB, 625 pages. (Includes a Preface, a translation of the Bhâva-Sangraha of Srî Râghavendra Tîrtha, the Yamaka-Bhârata, a list of authorities, and a concordance.)
[Roman]   Current version 1.95, released February 13, 2002; ISBN 0-9703421-9-5; 1993 KB, 509 pages. (Includes all of the above, except the list of authorities and the concordance.)

Îshâvâsya Upanishad (editio cum notis variorum)
[Devanâgarî]   Current version 2.01, last updated September 6, 2004; ISBN 0-9703421-2-8; 681 KB, 87 pages. (The Upanishad, its commentary by Madhva, two levels of commentary thereon, and a gloss by Srî Râghavendra Tîrtha.)

[Devanâgarî]   Current version 1.21, last updated February 07, 2001; ISBN 0-9703421-0-1; 880 KB, 178 pages. (A collection of stotra-s by Srî Vâdirâja Tîrtha.) Individual stotra-s can be found listed and indexed here and at dvaita.org/stotra.

Sumadhva Vijaya
[Devanâgarî]   Current version 1.00, last updated November 19, 2000; ISBN 0-9703421-3-6; 871 KB, 152 pages.
[Roman]   Current version 1.00, last updated November 19, 2000; ISBN 0-9703421-8-7; 404 KB, 98 pages.

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