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These are contemporary writings that may be of interest. They explicate academic views of the tradition of Madhva, but are to be regarded as stating the opinions of their authors, rather than being authoritative expositions in a classical sense.
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"My Last Four Research Papers"
[Download]   A 2001 booklet by Mm. B.N.K. Sharma, the author of "The History of the Dvaita School of Vedanta" and other well-known works, presented with the author's permission.   161456 bytes.

"My Further Ten Research Papers"
[Download]   A 2002 booklet by Mm. Dr. Sharma, presented with the author's permission.   254188 bytes.

[Download]   An overview of the concept, by Prof. D. Prahladachar, presented with the author's permission.   58855 bytes.   (This appears as Chapter 17, pp. 153–161, in the book Veda as Word (Shashi Prabha Kumar, ed.), D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd., Delhi, 2006.)

Epistemology in the Schools of Indian Philosophy: Problems and Prospects
[Download]   A keynote address by Prof. D. Prahladachar given in January 2007, presented with the author's permission.   48979 bytes.  

Madhva's Unknown Sources: A Review
[Download]   A critical review of Mesquita's book that alleged that Madhva fabricated sources.   120804 bytes.   (This originally appeared in the Asiatische Studien, vol. LVII, 2003.)

Regulating Religious Texts: Access to Texts in Madhva Vedanta
[Download]   Deepak Sarma analyzes adhikâra in Madhva Vedanta, exploring the limitations placed on adherents who wish to obtain training in Mâdhva texts and doctrines.   340822 bytes.   (This originally appeared in the Journal of Indian Philosophy, vol. 27, 1999.)

A Critique of Klostermaier's A Survey of Hinduism
[Download]   A critique of a popular college textbook that alleges that Madhva committed acts of violence against his rivals.   51798 bytes.

Book Review: `Nyâyasudhâ of Srî Jayatîrtha' by B.N.K. Sharma
[Download]   A book review of Mm. Dr. Sharma's 3-volume series (1995--2001) summarizing the Nyâyasudhâ.   (An abridged version previously appeared on the Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha's now-defunct website in 2002.)   49234 bytes.

Comment: Madhva and the Supreme Court
[Download]   A comment that the Supreme Court of India has accepted a definition of Hinduism (by Radhakrishnan) that is contrary to Madhva's doctrine, which clearly should be covered.   (This previously appeared in the Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha's now-defunct journal Tattvavâda in 2002.)   27022 bytes.

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